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Living with Intention

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How I Can Help

I am a wellbeing practitioner specialising in mindfulness, meditation, psychology and nutrition.
I have been working with people in the community for over ten years, helping them to build resilience, improve their emotional wellbeing and overcome trauma. My passion lies in supporting people to build their own toolbox which enables them to manage, and embrace, various different circumstances that come in to their lives. I believe we can do this by cultivating a supportive community and sharing knowledge.

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Water Lily


How Mindfulness Can Help

Mindfulness can be taught as a wellbeing tool to improve overall health and to be more present in life. By becoming more aware of our emotions, habits, triggers etc we can learn how to cope with them more effectively. 

Mindfulness can be used to help people experiencing depression, trauma and anxiety. It can also be used to improve stress management, relationships, parenting and weight management. 

By learning how to use mindfulness formally and informally you will feel more able to manage all of life's eventualities.

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